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VeinSight - Vein Finder

VeinSight - Vein Finder

It provides a real time accurate image of the patient‘s superficial vein pattern of any part of body on skin. Increase first-attempt success rate Increase vein puncture efficiency Decrease catheter placement time Vein visualization technology
Brand : VeinSight -Vein Finder
Model No : VS-400, VS-700
Vein Finder Vein Illuminator : Infrared Vein Finder, Accuracy -0.25mm, Projection distance 200+/-20mm, 3.5W,
Detailed Description

VeinSight™ vein finder projects near-infrared (no radioation) light which is absorbed by blood and reflected by surrounding tissue, and thisinformation is captured and processed, finally projected in real time directly onto the surface of the skin.

Visualization Modes


Switchable colors for different complexions and preferences.


Clinicians can highlight the veins or highlight the surrounding tissue.


Adjustable brightness allows clinicians customizing the image brightness base on the evironment light.


3 image sizes for pediatric patients or the situation only needs to focus on one vessel.


Stronger enhancement mode is helpful for finding the smaller and deeper veins.

Applicable Departments
Radiology, Pathology, Oncology, Intensive Care, Vascular, Operation Theatres, Pediatrics, Plastic Surgery, Cosmatology, Geriatrics, Emergency, OPD. 

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